Our little family loves to explore, a lot. In the desert, in the mountains, at the beach or even just a new park. Also, I love fashion, specifically kids fashion. So we need shoes that can look cute, are really comfortable and can keep up with our active lifestyle. I find Peter’s shoe situation pretty easy. He’s 4 and a boy, so some sneakers and boots and he’s all good. Ali on the other hand has proven to be a little more challenging. First off, there is a lot of PINK. and it’s bright and has glitter and hearts all over it, not our jam. and then she’s got some wide little footsies on her, which are hard to cram into most shoes, and not to mention very uncomfortable for her. So we received a pair of Freshly Picked Moccs to try out. and we are in LOOOOVE. I mean she loves to tote them around, she loves to try to put them on herself. They are settle and gorgeous. and really go with most every outfit she has, and a breeze to put on. But, the biggest thing I love about these moccs, she can keep up with her brother in basically any terrain. I love how even as they are worn in they look loved and show the adventures we’ve been on. Some might question the price, is it worth it, $60 seems like a lot for BABY shoes. Here’s the math, I’ve purchased at least 10 pairs of shoes in the last 6 months, for an average of $15, so around $150. She’s grown out of them, fast, they only match a couple outfits, so I have to buy something else to match the others, the quality stinks, aka fall off easy get holes. One pair of shoes to last at least 6 months for $60 vs. 10 crappy pairs for $150 feels like good deal to me. I wanted to share just a few pictures from one of latest trips out into the mountains, with Ali’s sweet moccs with you all. I can’t wait to print these photos, wrap up her moccs (when she’s outgrown them of course!) and stick them in a cute box for when she’s older, as a treasured keepsake.




I was given these Freshly Picked Moccs to review, all thoughts and opinions are my own:)

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