• Thanks for visiting Pierson Photo Company! My name is Sam Pierson and I am glad you’re here. I live in Salt Lake City, UT with my husband and our two year old son. I love my family, baby gap and a good sun flare. We travel to our home town in Reno, NV often. I look forward to capturing your moments, whether it be your senior year, engagement, wedding, baby belly, your sweet newborn or just some good ol’ family fun! When you’re ready, give me a call or shoot me an e-mail. Thanks for stopping by!


This little beauty queen is Ella. She is one. And boy does she know how to eat a cake! It’s been pretty darn cool watching her grow this last year. I am so glad her parents choose to document her life so far. What precious memories for all three of them to look back on. If you would like to see Ella grow, check these links out. Baby Belly. Hospital. 6 months. 9 months. Happiest of birthdays to little miss Ella, all the love in the world to you my dear!

If you are starting to think that you need some of your own family photos, capturing life as it right now, please look at these, let them convince you:)Thanks for stopping by! XOXO, Sam


Now that you have seen all this goodness, don’t you need some of your own? Get on it and book a fall mini! I have limited spots, and I REALLY want to work with you, so send me that email and I’ll hook you up:)sam@piersonphotocompany.com. And just to add a bit of cheesiness, if you don’t use me, use someone, because these moments in your life are just that, moments, and they deserve to be documented, remembered and cherished.

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My cousin, JD, (I know him as Johnny Pancakes) recently got married to the witty, sweet, gorgeous and possibly the most genuine lady, Alana,  this summer. It was so fun to see family and get to be apart of their big day! They married in MI and it was BEAUTIFUL!  Thank you for having me, love you and I am so happy I get to watch where you two are headed in life. XOXO, Sam


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Lots of big and exciting (and yes, scary  and intimidating come to mind too) have been happening around this part of the Pierson hood.  A new job for the hubby, a new soon to be here sister for Peter and trying to start up this little photog business in Salt Lake City (If you know ANYONE, seriously I can’t emphasis this enough, ANYONE  in SLC, send them my way, please AND thank you very very much, with a cherry on top). So when I got my first sweet gig with this oh-so-sweet couple, I was over the moon excited to get my camera out and ready to get to work! I couldn’t feel more blessed to have met Brian and Sarah on this new adventure here in UT! Here’s to starting off in a really good place. XOXO, Sam


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So you know when you are gonna have baby #2 and you feel this really urgent need to really treasure every single second with your only little boy who is going to be a big brother and who’s whole world will be in an upheaval really really soon? Mommy guilt, right? Even though I KNOW he is going to be an excellent big brother, and I KNOW he will love this little baby, and I KNOW he knows we love him forever and always, still Mommy guilt lingers… Luckily for our little man that means Mama and Daddy are throwing all sorts of undivided attention his way.

Which leads me to this, we have been passing billboards, billboards and more billboards advertising the Utah State Fair, so I decided, let’s take Peter!! And while we are at it, let’s have Peter do his his first BIG BROTHER duty and share what gender our new little peanut will be!! So scroll down, enjoy the fair photos (most likely the last one Peter will ever go to as an only child), see what Peter has to share AND THEN see just how excited we are with a little picture that moves! Thanks for reading and looking!!!! Love to you all. XOXO Sam, Ryan and my sweet little boy, Peter


after all that fun, it’s time to get down to business…and sugar:)

We are so excited and can’t wait to meet Peter’s little sister mid January!! 


September 7, 2013 - 6:49 pm

Sarah Son - so cute!! We were at the fair last night; my pictures look nothing like yours haha. Congratulations!!

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