Can I take a moment and be honest with you all? Great. So I wanted to let you all know, my kid is SO hard to photograph. Like I have to bribe him and coax him to even look at the camera, I take 1 billion photos of him and only get a handful that “turn out”. I get frustrated, ask my husband, better yet, don’t ask him 😉 I probably make the situation harder for everyone by grasping on, so tightly, to what I want my life to look like, not what it is. I forget my very own advice ALL THE TIME. About letting go, let your kids be. Let’s play and have fun and we will capture the real moments.

I’m telling you this, well, not to complain, but to let you in on a secret. My kid is not perfect, I’m not perfect. That makes life so beautiful and raw and worth documenting. You might be worried about your family sessions coming up, specifically about your children cooperating. I am going to challenge you, and myself, to let go. Let’s all make this fun for our kids, fun for us. Le’t capture the real moments,  let’s let the real love for our families shine through. AND if we don’t get a million smiling pictures, that’s okay too. As long as we get the essence of your family, as it really is, right now. For you to look back on and hold on to. That’s what matters. Not perfection.

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I love shooting couples, like really love it! It’s so fun to interact with them and watch them interact. I met Evelyn and Andrew last year at the State Farm Mini sessions, and have enjoyed getting to know them since.  We went up to Donner Lake on a Saturday morning, it was so lovely, and these these two are just gorgeous. Perfect session in my humble opinion. xoxo, Sam


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